Becoming a volunteer

To volunteer for FRU you must:

You must take out your first case within one year of attending a training day. This is to make sure that your training is up-to-date.

Volunteering in both social security and employment

We welcome volunteers who want to volunteer in both areas. You will need to attend both training days, but only need to pass one test.

The one year deadline applies, separately, to both areas. If you attend a Social Security training day in June 2021 and an employment training day in October 2021 you must take on a Social Security case before June 2022 and a employment one before October 2022.


If you are a qualified lawyer or have experience of representing clients in the relevant tribunal we may waive part of the normal training process. Academic study is not usually sufficient. To apply for a waiver, please contact us by e-mail detailing your experience and which area of law you would like to volunteer for.

Becoming a FRU volunteer

You become a FRU volunteer once you take on your first case. Until then please do not hold yourself as one of our volunteers.