Volunteering for FRU

FRU's work is done by volunteers. They use their legal knowledge and skills to help our clients, while gaining valuable experience.

As a FRU Representative, you will be responsible for the entire conduct of the case: interviewing the client, taking instructions from the client, liaising with the other side, negotiating settlement, drafting witness statements and other submissions, and representing your client at Tribunal. Our Legal Officers provide training, supervise your cases and give advice and guidance.

"My first ever appearance as an advocate was in 1972 for FRU. FRU since then has gone from strength to strength and many of the finest advocates of the Bar cut their teeth on FRU cases. Over 30 years, FRU has benefited thousands of people whose cases would otherwise have gone unrepresented." 
-- John Hendy QC, Old Square Chambers


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