Training days

Our training days are an important step before voluntering for FRU. They introduce you to the relevant law and tribunal procedure, as well as explaining how FRU works.

You must take out your first case within one year of attending a training day.


Note on current work & volunteering opportunities

At the moment the FRU office is closed and we are working remotely. Case referrals have not returned to pre-Covid levels, and many tribunal hearings are being listed for early 2021. This means that only a small number of cases are being dealt with and, at the moment, new cases are only being taken on by a small group of existing volunteers. This is to make sure that we can give everyone appropriate supervision in these difficult circumstances.

We hope this will start to change in late October / early November. But how we proceed will depend on the situation at that time. If it is safe to do so, we hope to open the office in a limited way (probably by appointment only so that we can maintain social distancing). Although much supervision would continue to happen remotely, this would allow us to supervise more volunteers and take on more cases. If it is not safe to open the office, we will not do so. This will mean continuing to supervise all work remotely, but we still hope to gradually increase our numbers.

The situation is still very uncertain and exactly how much opportunity there is to volunteer will depend on how things develop. This means that we hope volunteers attending the next training days will have the opportunity to take on cases in December and early 2021. If we can expand faster than this, we will.

With this is mind, we are keeping the numbers on this training day much lower than normal. This means that we expect them to sell out quickly and most people to be disappointed. We are sorry about this. But we would rather disappoint people at this stage, rather than charge money, ask them to commit time to the training / test then disappoint them later when they cannot find a case to take on.

We will keep the situation under review and adjust accordingly. If we have the capacity to take on more volunteers, we will run another set of training days in 2020. If not, we may delay this training until Spring 2021 (or not run it at all). We will also adjust the size of any training day. None of this is an exact science, but our aim is to ensure that anyone who attends the training day and passes the test will have a reasonable opportunity to take on a case.

We will, of course, keep you informed.

Future Training Days

Our last set of training days took place in October 2020.  The next training days will be in 2021.  We will announce the dates here and via the mailing list once the dates have been arranged so please check back here regularly.


To book go to FRUOnline, our online booking system. There is a £50 fee to attend.

Before booking, please check that you are eligible to volunteer.

Unless you have already registered as a user on FRUOnline, you will need to register as part of the booking process. Note that registering to receive emails about future training days is not the same as registering on FRUOnline.

If when attempting to book, you receive the message "invalid email address" you have probably already registered. Click on "Forgotten Password" to recover your login details.

You can cancel your training day booking through your FRUOnline account. You will receive a refund. You will be charged a £5 cancellation fee (because of the work involved in processing the cancellation and bank charges). We do not provide refunds for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the training day.

When places on a training day are cancelled, they become available again automatically. If a training day is fully booked it is worth checking the website again later.

Religious Adjustments

Those who are unable, for religious reasons, to attend on a Saturday should send an email telling us why they are unable to attend the training day and which area of law they wish to train in.  Please fill in the email form on the contact us page.

Training Day Mailing List

To sign up for email notification once training dates have been announced, please enter your details here