Training days

Our training days are an important step before voluntering for FRU. They introduce you to the relevant law and tribunal procedure, as well as explaining how FRU works.

You must take out your first case within one year of attending a training day.


Note on current work & volunteering opportunities

At the moment the FRU office is closed and we are working remotely. This means that only a small number of cases are being dealt with and, at the moment, new cases are only being taken on by a small group of existing volunteers. This is to make sure that we can give everyone appropriate supervision in these difficult circumstances.

We do not expect that this will materially change until the current pandemic situation eases and we are able to reopen the physical office to at least some degree. At this stage we do not know when this will be, because it will depend on developments in the coming months.

Our best guess is that we are unlikely to get back into the office and return to something like our normal work before October. Even then, we’re not sure how well we’ll be able to operate or what the situation will be in the Social Security or Employment Tribunals.

It’s therefore important that we make clear that a) We don’t expect anyone attending this training to be able to take on cases until October at the earliest and b) we cannot be sure what our work and your volunteering opportunities will be at that stage. We will, of course, keep you informed.

We’ve chosen to run the remote training now despite this in the hope of having a cohort of trained volunteers ready to start immediately when we can reopen. We are restricting the places on these training days to 90 each. This, we hope, will give people who attend now the opportunity to pick up a case later this year if they wish to.

If you would rather wait and see how things develop, our current expectation is that we will run further training in October / November — with those volunteers being able to take on cases in December and early 2021.

Future Training Days

Social Security: 6th — 8th July 2020 (booking available on Monday afternoon, 22nd June)
Employment: 13th — 15th July 2020 (booking available on Tuesday afternoon, 23rd June)

Both sets of training will take place Monday to Wednesday.  Each day there will be two zoom sessions, lasting about an hour each, covering relevant aspects of the law and tribunal procedure. The morning session will start at 11am. The afternoon session will start at 3pm.

Each session will be a webinar in which a speaker will present the relevant information and also answer questions from the participants. You will also be sent some supplementary material and some prerecorded videos to look at in your own time. We do not expect that people will need to do substantial self study outside the timetabled sessions.

We do expect participants to attend all the core sessions, but if you have difficulty with a particular slot let us know and we will consider exceptions on a case by case basis.

The tests will be available immediately after the relevant training day. 

In summer 2020, the social security test will be available from 4pm on Wednesday 8th July. The deadline for submitting an answer is Monday 13th July at 11.00am.

The employment test will be available from 4pm on Wednesday 15th July.  The deadline for submitting an answer is Monday 20th July 11.00am.


To book go to FRUOnline, our online booking system. There is a £50 fee to attend.

Before booking, please check that you are eligible to volunteer.

Unless you have already registered as a user on FRUOnline, you will need to register as part of the booking process. Note that registering to receive emails about future training days is not the same as registering on FRUOnline.

If when attempting to book, you receive the message "invalid email address" you have probably already registered. Click on "Forgotten Password" to recover your login details.

You can cancel your training day booking through your FRUOnline account. You will receive a refund. You will be charged a £5 cancellation fee (because of the work involved in processing the cancellation and bank charges). We do not provide refunds for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the training day.

When places on a training day are cancelled, they become available again automatically. If a training day is fully booked it is worth checking the website again later.

Religious Adjustments

Those who are unable, for religious reasons, to attend on a Saturday should send an email telling us why they are unable to attend the training day and which area of law they wish to train in.  Please fill in the email form on the contact us page.

Training Day Mailing List

To sign up for email notification once training dates have been announced, please enter your details here