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Booking Process Special Instructions

We are currently experiencing an IT problem on our booking system.  You can still book on to the training days if spaces are available, but you must follow the instructions below to progress through the booking system. If you don't the booking will not be complete, and you may lose your place.

If you are currently studying the Bar Training Course, please enter the code BVCSS (for Social Security) or BVCEMP (for Employment) in the 'group booking code' box on the first page in the booking process and click submit. Please enter the code accurately as it is case sensitive.  If you are copying and pasting the code, please ensure you do not copy any spaces.

Please book your place in the normal way but when you get to the Current Status page you MUST select 'Unemployed' to continue through the system.  You will get an error message if you select Student or Employed and you may lose your place. For the purposes of this booking whatever your actual status please select 'Unemployed'.

If you experience difficulties, please email