Before you take on a case at FRU you must pass a test to make sure you are ready to represent a client.

For Social Security the FRU test is an exercise in statutory interpretation. We give you a factual scenario and some legislation; then ask questions requiring you to apply the legislation to the scenario.

For Employment the test is 10 questions to assess your basic knowledge as taught in the training plus a 500 word advice based on an employment scenario.

If you have passed a test in EITHER employment or social security you do not need take a test again, even if you go on to train in a new area of law. If you attend both training days at the same time, you only need to pass one test (although you may attempt both to maximise your chance of success).

Completing the test

The tests will be available immediately after the relevant training day. It should take about two hours to complete, but you may take as much time as you wish.

Immediately after the training day the test papers are available through FRUOnline. You will be able to login and download the test materials. The test contains all the information you need to answer the questions.  

Submitting the test

Social Security answers should be emailed to:

  • Social Security: sstest@thefru.org.uk
  • Your email should include your candidate number in the title of the email and your answer in the body of the email. Please do not send attachments, as this makes processing the tests time consuming.
  • Employment test answers will be submitted via Microsoft Forms.

Test answers must be returned to FRU no later than the deadline given. Late submissions will not be accepted and we do not grant extensions.

Test results

We will email you the result of your test 4-6 weeks after you submit it.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide feedback on the test answers. All candidates will receive a simple pass / fail result.

Resitting the test

The tests will be available immediately after the relevant training day.

If you do not pass a test, you may resit in the next training day session. You do not need to attend a training day again to resit.

If you not pass on your second attempt, you will need to attend another training day.

If you did not submit a test when you first train, you may take the test which is made available on the following training day.  Remember once you pass, you need to take on a case with a year of attending the training day, so that your knowledge is up to date.

Passing the test

The test is intended to assess your ability to apply what you have learned in the training and to apply legislation to a factual scenario. You will need to read the scenario and the legislation provided carefully and make sure you understand it; then use that understanding to answer the questions.

The tests are an important part of the process to assess your ability to volunteer for FRU. They are intended to be challenging and do require some effort. They will test your ability to understand the law and explain yourself clearly working independently.

Sample tests and answers are provided for Social Security below, to give you an idea of the type of test we set and the sort of answers we expect. The answers are not perfect, but they give an indication of the type of answer that scores well.  For employment, we will ask a series of 10 questions, followed by a 500 word factual question for you to answer.

In order to pass the test you will need to:

  • Read all of the test carefully and appreciate the complexities of the statutory material.
  • Familiarise yourself with the factual scenario.
  • Justify your conclusions clearly and by reference to the legislation provided
  • Answer the specific questions

Those who don't pass have generally not taken this rigorous approach.

Sample Tests / Answers


By taking the test, you agree:

  • You will take the test without help from anyone else;
  • You will not copy or distribute any information from the test.