Can FRU help you?

FRU provides representation in:

  • Employment tribunals (and the Employment Appeal Tribunal);
  • Benefit appeals in the first-tier tribunal (and Upper Tribunal);
  • Criminal injury compensation cases in the first-tier tribunal (and Upper Tribunal).

We can only assist you if:

  • You have a hearing date at a tribunal in London and the South East;
  • Your case is referred to us by one of our referral agencies.

Short employment cases:

We cannot usually take referrals directly from a member of the public.  However, in limited circumstances we can take short employment cases directly.  

Please see the Employment Self-Referrals page on the left for more information.


You can also download our leaflet, with more information about FRU and how we can help.


Other advice and help

Citizen advice bureux provide advice in social security and employment matters. 

Acas provide a telephone advice service in relation to employment matters on 0300 123 1100.

Where legal aid might be available, ring the Community Legal Advice service on 0845 345 4345.