FRU makes a submission to government consultation on employment rights

FRU has made a submission to a consultation on the enforcement of employment rights. The consultation, run by the BEIS government department, proposes the creation of a single official body to enforce employment rights. The FRU submission supports the proposal, and argues for giving the new body a wide remit.

FRU Chief Executive David Abbott commented “Many people lose their employment rights because they worry about the impact of challenging their employer. A government body with the remit to enforce a wide range of employment rights would take pressure off individual workers to have to take action. Employers can also benefit from dealing with a single, proportionate and well informed enforcement agency when trying to understand what rights their employees have. FRU believes that a new body should have a wide remit and should reinvest the efficiencies gained from centralising diverse functions.”

FRU submits evidence to policy makers where we think that access to justice can be improved.