Support for FRU

We are grateful to the Bar Council and the Inns of Court for their continued and substantial support.

We would also like to thank the following for their recent generous donations to FRU:


39 Essex Chambers; 3 Verulam Building; Searle Court Chambers and One Essex Court for their fantastic support.

Also - Garden Court Chambers; 24 Old Buildings Chambers; Fountain Court Chambers.

Five Raymond Buildings and 12KBW for their annual Quiz nights.

Hardwicke Chambers who sponsors our entry into the target jobs Pupillage Handbook.

All the Chambers who have participated in the Platinum Friends in Law and Friends in Law Awards: For more information please go to our Friends in Law Page.


We have huge amounts of support from Linklaters LLP. One of their trainees is with us on secondment for six months in every twelve, as well as substantial financial, logistical and pro bono support.

Other Supporters

Employment Lawyers Association; Inns of Court and Bar Educational Trust; The Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR); The Institute of Barristers Clerks; The Eric F Sparkes Charitable Trust and about 250 private individuals.


Employment Tribunal Claims CoverEmployment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents

Written by Naomi Cunningham and Michael Reed

Our former employment caseworker, Naomi Cunningham, has written Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precendents, published by Legal Action Group, with Michael Reed, our current Legal Officer, Employment. 

Naomi, now at Outer Temple Chambers, built the book around the file of precedents she wrote for volunteers - now expanded to include detailed commentary and a wealth of practical experience.

The Hon Mrs Justice Cox DBE, in her foreword to this book, describes it as offering '...sensible and realistic guidance on every conceivable aspect of employment litigation.'

The authors have made a gift of their right to royalties to the Free Representation Unit (FRU) and we are delighted to receive 10% of the proceeds of each book. The book has been updated by Naomi and Michael and the new edition is available for purchase from the Legal Action Group web-site.