21 April: Update on FRU response to the Coronavirus

  • We have reviewed the situation and we are now able to start taking on new employment and social security tribunal cases in line with our usual criteria.
  • FRU is operating remotely; we are supervising volunteers by telephone and email, and this is more time consuming and resource intensive. Therefore our capacity will be lower and we want to ensure that the cases and clients we take on will be suitable for this type of environment. If you are considering making a referral please bear in mind that clients will need to be communicated with remotely.
  • All case referrals must be made electronically because we cannot guarantee that our post can be monitored on a regular basis.
  • If you are a potential client of the employment self-referral scheme please check the appropriate page on this website to make sure that your case qualifies and then call us on 020 7611 9555 or email admin@thefru.org.uk.
  • If you are a current FRU volunteer you will receive an update by email.
  • If you are a potential FRU volunteer, please note that training days will not run as normal and there will be a delay in when new volunteers will be able to take on FRU cases. For updates please sign up to receive the training day newsletter via this link http://www.thefru.org.uk/volunteers/attending-the-training-days.
  • We will keep the situation under review and post further updates on this news page and on our social media pages (@FreeRepUnit and https://www.linkedin.com/in/free-representation-unit-fru-0b569352/).