FRU response to the coronavirus

Like all organisations we are planning our response to the spread of the coronavirus. We have developed a comprehensive plan that we will keep under review. Because of the lag between when we receive a case referral and the hearing date any action we take now will have an effect when the impact of the virus is expected to become more acute. We have decided to suspend taking on any new cases for 2 weeks. After then we will review the situation to see whether we need to continue that suspension. We have contacted our referral agencies to advise them that they should only refer a new case if the hearing date is after 10 April. Clients who have an employment case that they would like to self-refer should also note that we won’t be able to take on any cases with a hearing date before 10 April 2020.

We will continue to represent any clients whose case we have already taken on and those clients should continue to work with the volunteer they are already in contact with. We will minimise the need for clients, volunteers and staff to come in to the office.

FRU Chief Executive David Abbott said “We have taken these steps to protect our clients, volunteers and staff and will aim to restore our full service as soon as possible”.