A big welcome from FRU to Rodney L. Grant

We're delighted to be joined by Rodney Grant as our new Project Support Officer. Rodney joins us from a project supporting Ukranian people in the UK. Rodney comes with a wealth of experience in project management and community outreach with the Dept. of Work & Pensions. He has also founded a community organisation that provides early intervention and peer mental health support for men of African Caribbean heritage in London.

Rodney is supporting the delivery of our project funded by Trust for London to increase legal representation in employment and social security tribunals to address poverty.

FRU Chief Executive David Abbott commented "we are very pleased to welcome Rodney to FRU. The Trust for London project is a crucial one for FRU and our clients. Rodney has just the right mix of skills and experience to ensure success in increasing access to free legal representation for people who face discrimination and financial challenges".