Barristers act pro bono for FRU in Mesothelioma compensation scheme case

In a decision delivered on 1 June the Upper Tribunal considered a Mesothelioma compensation scheme at appellate level for the first time. Charles Bagot QC of Hardwicke Chambers and Leon Glenister of Landmark Chambers acted pro bono to represent FRU's client. Although the appeal was not successful, the decision established a number of key legal points about the scheme - the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS) - and the way that tribunals should approach decision making.

The key legal points decided concerned eligibility for the scheme, the circumstances relevant to the date that the tribunal must base it decision on and interpretation of words that appear in different statutes.

FRU Chief Executive David Abbott said " we are hugely grateful to Charles Bagot QC and Leon Glenister for acting for our client pro bono in this case. FRU is always keen to test the law to establish our client's rights. It was invaluable to have such experienced and able advocates as Charles and Leon to advance the case. We are grateful to the barristers who work with FRU to promote access to justice for those without means. Although this appeal was not successful the case has established key principles about how this compensation scheme should operate".